What Is This

SORIS is a desktop software that has many automation tools that can be linked to your LINE account. This software can broadcast to all your LINE friends, reply to messages automatically, etc.

How It Works

This software requires you to connect it with your LINE account. When adding an account, this software will ask for a login verification code sent to your smartphone. Once connected, all the features in the software can be used on your LINE account.

It uses a LINE based engine when controlling your account. So when this software works, it is the same as using LINE but faster than using the LINE software directly because of automation.

Who Use This

Users of this software are mostly owners/admins of a business that markets its products or performs customer service through the LINE platform.

Why Use This

Basically LINE personal is used to socialize with other users. However, to save on marketing costs, sometimes people use this platform to promote and sell their products. Therefore this software exists to meet and complete that need.

This software offers premium access prices that are more friendly to your budget and unlimited usage on your subscription period. It doesn't matter if you have a few / many friends, the price remains the same and there is no limit.

Please see our price list for VIP access hereopen in new window