Add friends from LINE Suggestion


LINE friend recommendation You may see this often on LINE. This is a list of recommended friends you can add from the groups you added. However, sometimes the number reaches hundreds and even thousands. This makes it difficult for you to add them all. For that, we have a feature to make it easier for you.

Turn on automatic friend adder

When you add a LINE account in this program like in this tutorial, You will see an option like this.

Auto add friend option

You can choose to enable this option to enable an automated process that will add all friend recommendations in a queue and smoothly. Your LINE friends will increase automatically along with new recommended friends.

If you have already added a LINE account to the application, there is no need to worry, you can make changes to the account that has been added as shown in the following video.

This guide is optional and as needed only. If you don't need it then there's no need to implement it.

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