Greeting message for new friend


Greeting message is a customizable message that is automatically sent to your customers the first time they message you. Enable greeting message to automatically engage your customers in conversation.

In this application, you can use the Autoresponder to prepare greeting messages. This greeting message will be sent to new friends on LINE only when they message your account and also if you haven't added them as a friend. Therefore, this greeting message will be sent only once because the system will automatically add them as a friend after that and this greeting message will not be sent to them again.

Set up Autoresponder

Before starting, make sure you have connected your LINE account and have the status ready to use according to How to link a LINE account and understand first how autoresponder work in the How to create Autoresponder.

Prepare messages

Choose a LINE account, write down the title of the autoresponder and prepare the message to be sent as a greeting message.

Respond to visitor

Change the "Respond to" field to "Only visitor" because we only send greeting messages to LINE users who have not been friends and are guests.

Turn off keyword

Keywords are not needed in sending greeting messages, because whatever message is sent first by a visitor, the system will detect it as the person who first sent a message to your account and will receive a greeting message.

Please turn off the keyword option like this video.

Add visitor as friend

Make sure the "Visitor Action" option is in "Add" mode. This is done so that the system adds the user as a friend automatically after sending a greeting message so that the user is no longer a guest / visitor.

After this, your settings are complete and you can press the "OK" button to activate this greeting message. Under certain conditions you may change the "Visitor Action" option to "Block" to block the user or change to "Nothing" to do nothing but still send the message.


After you activate the autoresponder, the system is ready to send greeting messages to related users. Make sure the application is always running when this autoresponder is active. Keep in mind that this greeting message will be delayed and will not be sent immediately if there is a broadcast running on your account.

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