Read incoming chat automatically


In order to make your LINE account more natural, then you should immediately read incoming messages from other users. Sometimes this can be overwhelming if many users are messaging your account.

Therefore, Autoresponder is very useful for situations like this. The system will automatically read incoming messages. So make sure every LINE account connected to this application must have at least 1 active autoresponder configuration so that every incoming message can be read automatically.

But, what if you want one of your accounts to read incoming messages automatically without having to send a reply message to the user? Let's understand the guide below to add an autoresponder without a reply message.

Set up Autoresponder

Before starting, make sure you have connected your LINE account and have the status ready to use according to How to link a LINE account and understand first how autoresponder work in the How to create Autoresponder.

Turn off response message

Choose a LINE account, write down the title of the autoresponder and disable response message. Turning off response messages is useful if you only want the system to read messages without sending a reply message.

Respond to all users

Change the "Respond to" field to "All Users" so that messages from all users can be read automatically.

Turn off keyword

Keywords are not needed because all messages will be read automatically by the system and without any criteria.

Do nothing to visitor

Make sure the "Visitor Action" option is in "Nothing" mode. This is done so that the system do nothing to the involved users.

After this, your settings are complete and you can press the "OK" button to activate this auto reader. *Under certain conditions you may change the "Visitor Action" option to "Block" to block the user or change to "Add" to automatically add users as friend.


When it is active, your LINE account will read incoming messages automatically as long as the program is running on your computer.

This guide is optional and as needed only. If you don't need it then there's no need to implement it.

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