Manage & organize LINE friends


Manage LINE friends menu

This is an in-app menu that you can use to manage your LINE friends. The following is a complete explanation of each attribute. Explanation of manage friends

  1. The number of all your friends on LINE of the related account.
  2. The table that holds your LINE friend data depends on the status of the friend you choose.
  3. Use this to search for friends by account name and make it easier for you to select and manage.
  4. Friend status which regulates what data is displayed in the table.
  5. Toggle button to select all data in the table or clear all selections.
  6. Refresh the table to get the latest data from LINE.
  7. Give a tag to the selected friends so that they can be targeted specifically when broadcast.
  8. All tags that you have created are displayed here.
  9. Delete the tag you selected.

Selecting friends

Before you manage or take action on your LINE friends, you must understand how to select data on the friends table. You only need to press your left mouse button or just press the left button while dragging like in this video.

Hide / block friends

You can hide friends or block friends like in this video. This is exactly the same as the hide or block feature in the LINE application.

Unblock / Delete friends

You can show hidden friends again by opening hidden friend data then pressing the "Display" action and you can also restore blocked friends by opening blocked friend data and then pressing "Unblock" action.

To permanently delete a friend, you just need to press the "Delete" action on the friend's data that is hidden / blocked. Friends that you delete can be added back to the default LINE friend addition feature.

Give a tag to friends

Tags are very useful if you want to send a message by including only a few friends or excluding some friends from the broadcast.

Watch the video below for how to add a Tag to your LINE friends.

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